Lofoten Låsservice AS –
The only full service locksmith shop in Lofoten.

We are a company with long experience and competence that always pops to the challenges you have for hedging. Our expertise ensures you the most inexpensive and best solution where we simultaneously perform inspection, production, assembly and service.


Why choose us?

We are located at Gravdal in Lofoten and serves our customers with fast response from center of the archipelago Lofoten. You can visit our shop, or we can come to you if needed.

Troubles with keys or locks to your car, camper, motorhome, boat etc, our large collection of keyblanks and state of the art cutting machines are up for the task!


Our main customer groups:

Shoppingmalls, property companies, commercial- and industrial buildings, janitorial Companies, construction companies, public buildings, private residences, marine sector, car dealers etc.